Fishing is a fun and rewarding outdoors activity and has been loved at Lake Mokoma for generations. The lake is home to amazing fishing for multiple species of fish to be enjoyed by members of the association. It’s simple to start too. All you need to begin is some fishing line and a hook in this lake but you can work your way up to fishing with baitcasters. Fishing in this lake is super rewarding. You can catch largemouth bass in the summer, perch in the winter, crappie at night, and pickerel during the day. You can catch fish from any of the marinas or by taking a boat to the middle of the lake. In this website, you can find information for beginners on how to fish and maybe new strategies for experienced fishermen. You can learn tips about all the different species of fish in the lake. There’s information about the different areas of the lake and some hotspots to try out. You can learn when the best times to fish are during the day and throughout the year. Lake Mokoma has amazing fishing and it is available to all. So go enjoy it.